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Kringlebakkens' Pre-Daycare


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Kringlebakken's pre-daycare is the beating heart of the house and the center for much of our work: the early intervention. The daycare is what makes Kringlebakken a unique place. Here we can start the integration process from the early beginning with both mother and child. The mothers who bring their child to the daycare take part in the Danish lessons in the house. The child can only be taken care of in the daycare, if the mother is part of the course group  

There is only room to between 8-10 children in the daycare, which creates a small and safe environment. The target is to stimulate the child's development in relation to language, sociability and their motivity. The aim is also to prepare the children and the mothers for the Danish daycare institutions. The mothers take part in the early morning singing and the daycare staff focus on communicating and explaining how the culture and routines are in a Danish daycare and the expectations to the parents. The focus is also on raising children and pedagogy.    

The daycare take trips around the local area and visit playgrounds in Bispebjerg. The aim is that when the children begin in the Danish daycare, they will start on the same level as other children. At Kringlebakken they have build a solid foundation in terms of getting better knowledge of the Danish language and everyday life in a Danish daycare. This makes it much easier to start in daycare or kindergarten and the children will not be behind their friends in terms of language skills and social behaviour.  

The early prevention help children all the way up through the educational system. 

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