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Do you need counselling?

We provide counselling every Thursday from 1-4 pm. Pass by Thursdays or call and book a meeting. 

We provide counselling on any subject that you might need to talk about or need help to solve. We have counsellors who speak Danish, English, Arabic and Kurdish. If you speak a different language then we can book a translator for you. You can also receive counselling by phone, if you cannot meet us in house. 

Infomation about the counselling

Individual counselling is a permanent offer for all women who are connected to Kringlebakken. Our counselling can touch upon subjets in relation to engage in contact with specific case workers, unemployment insurance funds, question regarding rights and obligations in the Danish society, advice on job and education, contact to the agency of immigration and securing fair and correct case handling, support on issues in relation to family life and divorces, etc.  

The main purpose of our counselling is to help women to gain clarity about personal goals, personal and professional, and also support the understanding of integration in the Danish society. The conversations are based on a dialogue, where the women find the way that suits them individually. We provide guidance and talk about possible barriers to reach personal goals.   


Amanee was looking for advice since her patience was running low. The poverty of her family created a negative atmosphere, and her husband was constantly worried and it affected her and the children a lot. Amanee considered going back to her home country and taking the children with her. The counsellor asked her if she could imagine herself as a single mom in a home country, and how it would be for the children to grow up in a new country? Then the counsellor talked to Amanee about the possibility of completing the language school and start an education in Denmark, that could lead to a job. In that way Amanee would be working to secure the future for the family instead of being a home-staying mom. At first hand Amanee couldn't see this as an possibility. She had exhausted all her teaching at the language school, but the counsellor told her that she could pass the exam by studying on her own. We found Amanee a mentor (network-friend), who supported her during her studying to pass the exam and she help her stay motivated and believe that she could do it. She finished school with high grades. This was the first step. Now the next step is to apply for the wanted study.    

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