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We organise presentations in house and trips to e.g. language schools, the parliament and educational institutions to give insights into Danish norms and obligations of the society. 


With a homemade story about a fictive girl, named Amina, knowledge about the Danish society is communicated focusing on Amina's normal every-day life. Amina drops off her child in kindergarten, she attends parent's meeting at the school, she visits her doctor, and she votes in the local election.    

The form of teaching is easy to recognise and fuels a debate - but also informs - about the Danish society. We organise trips out of the house and work with democracy and the right to vote. Every year the women visit the parliament, Danner (women's shelter), libraries, educational institutions, kindergarten, etc. 

We put a lot of emphasis on organising guided tours to our local areas' cultural institutions.  

Kringlebakken's photography project

Every year in May, we dedicate two weeks of our time to a photography project. The women of Kringlebakken work together with the photographer Pirita Taskinen, and they get a different oppurtunity to use their creative skills and reflect about different aspects of the Danish society. 

The pictures are displayed at different exhibitions and they are tools to start a debate and give a more nuanced image of immigrant women in Denmark. In 2015 we received a 'golden coin' for our photography project named 'A Million Dollar Lady' recorded in the National Museum's collection of coins, where it now lies as part of the Danish cultural heritage. See pictures from our latest exhibitions Food Memories, Valgplakater (posters for elections) and Mit liv som film (My life as a movie).  


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