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Kringlebakken organises many activities in and outside of the house. All activities are led by professional presenters that have relevant educational backgrounds, and knowledge and experience with the target group.   


We teach at different levels with focus in spoken 'every-day' Danish. The courses are a mix of Danish language, introduction to the society and cultural norms, and knowledge sharing on health focused on children and women. 

Advanced Danish is for you who speak good Danish but would like to broaden your vocabulary and improve your conversational Danish. 


Society- and culture lessons give our participants an understanding for the written and unwritten rules and norms. As part of the teaching, we organise trips to language schools, the parliament and educational institutions.  


Individual counselling is a permanent offer for all women in Kringlebakken. We help women to gain clarity on both personal and educational goals, and we support them to better understand and become integrated into the Danish society. 


At the job-zone women receive counselling on both educational - and job oppurtunities. During the working hours of the job-zone we help women to write CV's and job applications. 

Kringlebakken's network creating activities promote the feeling of inclusion and citizenship. Women and children meet during social events across diverse language- and cultural backgrounds. 


Kringlebakken has one health personnel tied to the house. She offers presentations that inform about different health related topics, health conversations and check-up for children and women. 


The daycare in Kringlebakken is preparing children and mothers for the culture of institutions in Denmark. The children are between 1-3 years old and their mothers are connected to Kringlebakken's Danish lessons. 


Every year, our users work on a thematic photography project aiming at extending and nuancing their understanding of different aspects of the Danish society, that they are a part of.

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