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We provide educational-, career and employment counselling in the job-zone on Thursdays. Here we support and advice women in relation to their thoughts and wishes for future educational- and job oppurtunities, and help writing applications and CV and apply for SU (support from the state while studying). In the job-zone we also refer women to other vocational actors, courses on NEM ID/digital self-service and voluntary work. We follow-up on digital learning and hire women in internal voluntary jobs. Many of Kringlebakken's women have never been employed, and therefore the road is long and require a lot of commitment from the women.  

That being said, four women got a job in 2017 with support from Kringlebakken and the job-zone!

The counselling does not necessarily ends when women start an education or enter the job market. Some women continue to have many questions: what happens at a job interview? What are the social norms at a work place? How do I deal with and register income and tax? Which labour union is best?  

The job-zone is open every Thursday from 1 pm - 4 pm. 

Fahira, 28 years

 I was approved to receive S.U. (The Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme) with support from the job-zone . Easlier by request had been turn down. Now, I have started my education to become a teacher.  

Amra, 32 years

Efter talrige ansøgninger fik jeg et arbejde på et hospital. Nu tjener jeg endelig mine egne penge og er uafhængig af kommunen! 

Huda, 29 years 

Jeg elsker Kringlebakken! De har hjulpet mig med at få mit første job i Danmark! 

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