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Information about the Danish lessons  

Kringlebakken’s course is an offer for women, who has not yet had the opportunity to participate in Danish lessons offered by the municipality or for women who are taking a break from lessons due to maternity leave.

Women can bring their children to the lessons until the child turns 10 months. We will continuously consider how many babies we have room for while undertaking the lessons. While the mothers are in the class, the children above the age of 10 months will be taken cared of in the pre-daycare which also functions as a place to prepare children (and the mothers) of what daycare and kindergarten is in Denmark.  

The lessons

Kringlebakkens lessons in Danish is a mix of Danish language, introduction to the society and cultural norms and knowledge sharing on health focused on children and women. The user of the house improve their language skills and gain a more nuanced understanding of the Danish society and the rights and obligations that are tied to being a citizen in Denmark. Kringlebakken also organises visits from policians and presentations from public institutions such as SKAT (the tax authority) and the police. 

Kringlebakken organises thematic- and pedagogical days to support and inform women about ways of life tied to being a mom in Denmark. The women are both taught about children's upbringing and pedagogic and they can always turn to the pedagogical staff to ask questions and raise concerns.    

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