We provide educational-, career and employment counselling in the job-zone on Thursdays. Here we support and advice women in relation to their thoughts and wishes for future educational- and job oppurtunities, and help writing applications and CV and apply for SU (support from the state while studying). In the job-zone we also refer women to other vocational actors, courses on NEM ID/digital self-service and voluntary work. We follow-up on digital learning and hire women in internal voluntary jobs. Many of Kringlebakken's women have never been employed, and therefore the road is long and require a lot of commitment from the women.  

That being said, four women got a job in 2017 with support from Kringlebakken and the job-zone!

The counselling does not necessarily ends when women start an education or enter the job market. Some women continue to have many questions: what happens at a job interview? What are the social norms at a work place? How do I deal with and register income and tax? Which labour union is best?  

The job-zone is open every Thursday from 1 pm - 4 pm. 

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